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Adblue Emulator v.2 without NOx sensor support

V2 AdBlue emulator should be installed on a working SCR system.

$ USD 120.00

Adblue Emulator v.3 with NOx sensor support

V3 AdBlue emulator can be installed on faulty SCR system.

$ USD250.00

Scania VCI1

SCANIA VCI1 is a diagnostic tool to work with older Scania trucks and buses.

$ USD 1400.00
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Scania VCI2

Scania VCI2 diagnostic adapter (metal case) + Scania Multi 02/2014

$ USD1300.00
$ USD 950.00

Scania VCI3

The latest version of diagnostic adapter. Supports all CAN based Scania vehicles since 2004, all Scania buses other heavy vehicles and heavy duty engines.Can diagnose via Wi-Fi connection.

$ USD 1300.00

Volvo 88890180 Interface (VCAD)

The adapter is developed for Volvo and Mack vehicles and engines. Enables PC to vehicle communication via a USB cable or by wireless LAN using the 802.11 b/g standard.

$ USD 1200.00

Volvo 88890300 Vocom

This is the latest original diagnostic tool made by Volvo. Enables complete range of diagnostic operation on Volvo trucks and other heavy vehicles made since year 2002 with a high speed connection to the ECU.

$ USD 1700.00

Tachograph programmer CD400

Used for verification, calibration and configuration of control devices installed on vehicles. It can be used as speed simulator for testing speedometer and odometer.

$ USD 1300.00

Cummins Inline 6

The INLINE 6 is a highly reliable datalink adapter that can be used on a wide range of applications to communicate with vehicle systems via SAE J1708/J1587 and SAE J1939 protocols.

$ USD 1900.00

Dearborn DPA5

The DPA 5 service bay diagnostic kit supports light-duty through heavy-duty vehicle diagnostics across multiple platforms including off-highway, agricultural, military and industrial-stationary equipment.

$ USD 1350.00

John Deere Electronic Data Link (EDL) v2

Electronic Data Link (EDL) is genuine dealer diagnostic PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with Service ADVISOR software.The Latest version

$ USD 3000.00

Nexiq USB-Link™ 2

PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple software applications, minimizing your investment in multiple brand-specific diagnostic interfaces.

$ USD 1450.00

Man-Cats T200

MAN-Cats II is an external diagnosis system with the most extensive test depth for electrical systems in MAN commercial vehicles.

$ USD 2600.00


The VCI-560 is a powerful fault diagnosis device that has been developed using the latest advanced technology.

$ USD 2700.00

Mersedes Benz StarC3 Pro

XP-STAR (Auto-Link Blue STAR) performs all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000.

US$ 800.00

Mersedes Benz SD Connect Compact 4 2015.09 Star diagnostic tool with WiFi for cars and trucks.

Newest diagnostic tool for all Mercedes Benz cars and trucks.

US$ 1000.00

GPS Terminals

Our tracking equipment is ideal solution for both private individuals who pay attention to their car anti-theft security, and small-scale businesses which possess their own fleet. Our product range is truly unique and unparallel in matching the needs for robust security against widespread theft and criminal offences. Each gadget has been built on open standard protocol and can be integrated into different tracking systems on either passenger cars or trucks.

iON Base

Advanced onboard equipment designed for installation on any vehicle. Collects data on position, direction, speed ,operating conditions of a target object, as well as reading data from the sensors.

$ USD 200.00


An ideal solution for small-scale businesses which possess their own fleet. Can be installed both on passenger cars and trucks, determines its position using GPS and/or GLONASS satellite systems.

$ USD 90.00

iON Pro

iON Pro can receive in real-time and process such parameters as the current location, speed, direction of travel, fuel consumption and current operational conditions of any additional equipment.

$ USD 240.00

GPS Beacons

GPS beacon comes to the resque on this special and rare occasions if you you ever need to track the exact location of a car, construction or agricultural machinery, or any car or motorcycle vehicle.

Sometimes you may need more complex tasks such as tracking delivery of an expensive cargo, delivery route, or even finding exact location of your kids at school.

GPS beacons models FindMe F1, and FindMe F2 are ideal solution for your security and peace of mind. These devices can help you to find location of any object in a matter of few seconds. What is more amazing is that the weight of these GPS-beacon is only 100 grams (FindMe F1) and 150 grams (FindMe F2)! They have a compact size, which allows them to be fitted with ease into any car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, valuable cargo, animal collar, backpack or bag.

Usually devices function in a "sleeping mode" that makes it invisible for special scanners and extends battery service life. In this mode the searching device determines its coordinates using LBS technology via the nearest base stations, and transfers them to the server on demand or on schedule. The coordinates accuracy provides an error of about 500 meters which is enough for general purpose of usage, and thus saves battery power consumption in comparison with the use of GPS data in a fixed mode. Self-discharge of the battery is only maximum 1% a year!!!

GPS beacon FindMe F1

FindMe F1 key features are easy activation, installation and application, as well as the installed thermal SIM-card with fully paid GSM and GPRS-traffic for the whole device service life.

$ USD 90.00

GPS beacon FindMe F2

FindMe F2 is a stand-alone device which will help to find a mobile object in case of its theft or driving-away. The device has a compact size that provides its easy and hidden installation into vehicle, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, cargoes and animals.

$ USD 150.00

Liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors manufactured by Siensor have no moving elements and enable monitoring liquid level in the tanks of vehicles or fixed installations with a minimum measurement error.

Siensor D107

An intelligent device designed for accurate measurement of fuel level in vehicle tanks and stationary reservoirs.

$ USD 140.00

Siensor AF107

Measures fuel level, converts received value into an analog or frequency signal and then transmits data to the terminal, which indicates it in litres or percentage.

$ USD 140.00

Siensor UNIC

A versatile configuration tool designed for configuration of liquid level sensors. The configuration tool is compatible with the fuel sensors manufactured by Siensor, Technoton, Omnicomm.

$ USD 40.00

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Adblue Emulator v.2 without NOx sensor support

V2 AdBlue emulator should be installed on a working SCR system.

Scania VCI2

Scania VCI2 Diagnostic Adapter (Metal Case) + Scania Multi 02/2014

Tachograph programmer CD400

Used for verification, calibration and configuration of control devices installed on vehicles.